Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting engaged!

Yes! I said yes!
Actually I didn't actually say much, for once in my life. Let me tell the story:
We've been together for about 4.5 years now- M asked me to marry him about 4 years ago on the beach in Fort Walton Beach, FL. We had a few ups and downs and called off the original engagement indefinitely. There was no ring at the time to return, so I didn't have to worry about that.
Then we got back together. And I moved to Saint Augustine because of his new job. Then, I got into graduate school here. So, it all just came back together. And then, he asked again in February. With a gorgeous ring! A lot bigger than I expected, actually. Not that I'm not worth it or he's a cheapo, but money is tight now that I am in grad school and he is the only one of us working full-time.
So let me tell you about this proposal:
I was upset about a tough exam and crying on the phone to my mother. I started cooking sloppy joes for dinner (so us) and he kind of taps my shoulder, like he wanted to talk about something, but I was talking to my mom, so I told him to wait. Then about two or three minutes later, around my shoulder pops his hand, and in it is the ring! He says, "so, will this make your day any better?" and of course I'm crying because I'm happy now and on the phone with my mom, so I tell her what Mike just did, and tell her I'll call her back. Then he says all kinds of great things that I prefer to keep private and I cry some more... needless to say, being upset about the stupid exam I bombed kind of went to the back of my mind!

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