Sunday, December 30, 2007

The location.


The exact beach it will be on- outside the hotel of the reception the Holiday Inn.

This is where I will be making my "grand entry".

A wedding on the beach can be a very cost effective option. A permit for a "furnished" beach wedding is $100. I have to apply for the permit through the county. I decided that I want to have chairs for people to sit on, as I have many family members that are elderly and I feel that it takes something away from the wedding with everyone having to stand up for the ceremony. Also, although I cannot have a Catholic ceremony due to restrictions, I know I would like a Christian ceremony, and so I am on the hunt for a nondenominational minister to perform the ceremony. I figure having a Christian ceremony with reading will take about 30 minutes, so chairs are really a necessity. So, this is an added expense I have to budget for. I would love to have benches, like these:
*found on google search.

but I cannot find them for rent locally and to bring them in, well they cost too much. So I'll use the white wooden folding chairs and have my FFIL pick them up and have friends do the set up (free!)
So, this is the plan for the ceremony.


Thanks a bunch for your comment love!