Monday, December 3, 2007

Save the date cards

So I decided since we were having a pseudo-destination wedding here in Saint Augustine, I would have to do some save the date cards so people could have plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

I had this silly idea that I HAD to do magnets, but I was not ordering them from some company that charged over $1.00-$3.00 for each magnet- and these would be only business card sized. As we know, I'm on a majorly tight budget, so making sure I spread every dime as far as I can.

I'm a big time deal hunter. I *heart* getting a good deal on things, and maybe it is just the hunt to get the deal! Whatever it is, I love the deals!
So, I shopped around all over the internet.
I looked at all the basic sites, some random ones that seemed sketchy, and some interesting ones because they just had print on a paper with a circle magnet glued to the back...

Then, I ran across Good deals and often have "free" stuff as long as you pay for shipping. I heard a few bad things about vistaprint, so I was somewhat skeptical; however, I made sure to use a credit card that has a good policy on internet purchases and liability. Read more about vistaprint problems here. This way I could be sure nothing could be out of wack.

So I looked over their magnets and found a few cute ones, so I ordered a "sample" pack when they had a get 10 free sale. I paid for shipping, substantially marked up in my opinion, but I suppose they need to make some money somehow. I got them a few weeks later and I loved them. So I waited until their get 10 free sale started up again and ordered about 40 more for $27.

I paid for quicker shipping on the order of 40, since I wanted to get them in the mail sooner than 3-4 weeks and make sure they came via DHL instead of USPS.

I used a white A-2 flat card (3.50 for 20) that are postcard size and PERFECT match for the magnets and attached the magnet using two glue dots per card/magnet (4.99 for a roll of 100). Then I placed them in white A-2 envelopes (1.99 for 10 on sale) and they met the 41 cent postage rate . So I got the cute vintage speed boat stamps and got them in the mail!

So for about $60 I did my save the dates with a savings of over $50-100.

Aren't they cute!?!?

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