Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year & more cake!

Happy New Year!!!

So last night was New Year's Eve! I hate going out on New Year's Eve. Too many drunk drivers, stupid drunks and well, I would just rather pop a bottle of champagne in my pj's, with my dogs...

It was the fifth new years I'd spent with my fiance' and the first, YES, the first time we had gone out for New Year's. And we were only out until 10:30. Then we went home. We went to a little dinner party at my fiance's parent's friend's home (yes this makes sense) and I brought a cake. Yes, a cake... I wanted to test it out on an audience other than Mike.
Drum roll please....

PINK!!!! I made a old fashioned vanilla cake with pink dyed vanilla frosting. And everyone loved it- so much so, that this is all that was left:

I'm still tweaking the recipe- which is from box mix, but has alterations- such as extra vanilla extract, milk, butter and 4 eggs instead of water, oil and 3 eggs. Tastes sooooo good. People thought it was from scratch. The frosting is from scratch though- butter, organic sifted confectioners sugar, and milk to texture.
Sooo, the vanilla cake it will be... now I just have to perfect the recipe!

And this was the end of the night. Bottle of champagne with a mimosa (for Mike as he hates champagne) and one for me. The Asti isn't too bad... :)

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