Sunday, January 6, 2008

Toasting Flutes

Every couple should have a set of toasting flutes for their wedding. I decided that I was going to have a difficult time finding toasting flutes that went with our "sanddollar" theme within a reasonable price, so I should make them myself.
I've seen and heard about the use of etching creme to give glass an etched look from for glass votive candle holders. Since you can get a "how to" from here, so I really don't need to go into the whole story. But here's my version.

We are using this sanddollar as our theme. I've ordered personalized custom stamps (the rubber with block wood kind) and am waiting on them to make it here.

So what I did was take this image and adjust the size multiple times to small medium and large:

Onto self adhesive paper and used an exacto knife to cute out each sanddollar (because I cannot find a sanddollar punch anywhere):

So after cutting out each of the sanddollars, I placed them all over the flutes I bought at Pier 1 for two dollars each (plus my employee discount!)

I used a rubber band at the top of the stem to prevent creme from going onto the flute stem and a piece of the adhesive sticker around the rim to make a straight rim around the top of the glass, then I used a Cotton Swab to rub the etching creme on the glass.

I had a difficult time making sure the creme was even all over the glass using the Q-tip, but they came out looking pretty good:

I'm planning on using a paint brush to touch up the uneven spots on the glasses.

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