Monday, February 11, 2008

Wow, it's been a while.

Yes. I know. It's been a while!!! School has started to kick me swiftly in you know where and the wedding planning is being kicked into high gear. That leaves little time for other things, such as catching up on my favorite soap (GH), spending time with Mike and our pets, and well everything else.

Wedding planning is coming along- we booked a pastor a few weeks ago. We decided to have Mike's parent's pastor do our ceremony. Since we are a little unconventional, we waited until the last minute (well I do that with everything really). There was a little difficulty in making that decision because I'm Catholic and Mike isn't, and we wanted a beach wedding. For those that don't know, beach weddings are a HUGE NO-NO when it comes to the Catholic church. The "rules" state that a wedding ceremony must be inside a house of God. So, I made the decision early on that I would give Mike the beach wedding he wanted. Now I just have to figure out when to get our marriage blessed by the Church.

The pastor that will be marrying us is pretty cool. He's young, a parent, and full of faith. It went well overall... Probably the oddest part of our initial meeting was when I asked if the pre-marital counseling sessions were confidential. Since we are going through his parent's church, I wanted to make sure anything that was said stayed in that room. I mean, you understand, church ladies gossip! Gossip worse than teenagers! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't a part of that gossip. Anyhow, I was assured anything said was confidential and that things would go smoothly.

The best thing about our officiant is that he is willing to incorporate anything (within reason) into our ceremony, so I can have my little traditions. Also, going with a minister will ensure a Christian ceremony filled with love. :)

Toodeloo for now ya'll!

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