Friday, April 25, 2008

One Voice Productions of St Augustine, FL

One Voice Productions or St Augustine Rental and Sales of St Augustine, FL, located on Old Moultrie Road was the company we used for some of our rentals and a DJ. We used them for only some things because they did not have the dinnerware or glassware we wanted (it was ONLY white china with a platinum band NOT GOLD!) and the only place with that was up in Jax... I promise to have reviews on them later!

I have begun to post reviews on some sites they advertise on because I hope someone else will find it and really tread safely and totally AVOID this company.

We used one voice for our DJ and some of our rental services. We thought from our initial consultation that the company was laid back but got it done and the price was right on point... laid back yes, but our experience was outright unscrupulous.

When we went in for out initial consultation, we gave Shawn our budget for a DJ... which he met. We said less than $800. And he came back with $695. Funny thing is, I met a few other girls that interviewed One Voice Productions for their wedding and they were met with different quotes for the EXACT SAME SERVICE! Specifically, one girl got married at a super posh house up in Ponte Vedra (I believe it was a mansion on the beach) and they were quoted $2195. Almost three times our price... I guess the lesson here is to just say you don't have a location set yet! HAHA! And low ball your budget... we would have paid up to $1000. :)

We were told we were getting a certain DJ with plenty of experience and then got someone else that seemed to have little experience- traditional bait and switch here! CONS: he ended up playing two of my three "do not plays". And must have forgotten about the list of requested songs my guests put on their RSVP cards. He lacked a personality and didn't "take charge" very well. It almost seemed as though he was uncomfortable. PROS: he was polite and would at least change the song when I said it sucked! Also, he was dressed professionally.

When it came to rentals, oh this is where the business hit the fan!!!
There were delivery charges not previously disclosed until after the contracts were signed (ladies take note- just do not send your fiance' to make deposits... it's a bad idea because they have no clue what they are signing"). When I called them on it, he said I seemed as though I was a well researched person and that he figured I knew about the delivery fees- although they were not included in my email quotes. The receptionist laughed when I said I should call the BBB and thought it was "hilarious that every bride threatens it but never does". Yeah... should have just cancelled my items then and gone with Taylor rents in town!

When it came to the week of, oh WOW. Their delivery person was outright RUDE. I was upset about a delivered item that my location REFUSED to set up due to it being unsafe and RUSTY... when I tried to contact with anyone no one was available- delivery guy not answering phone, owner not answering. I even called the DJ freaking out and he said he would get in touch with Shawn (the owner that is not there half the time) and Shawn was of course unavailable. I know- random calling the DJ who is in a different section of the company but I figured he might be able to get in touch with someone!

About an hour or so later, the delivery guy called about the second round of deliveries and when I told him he needed to pick up the broken bar because there was no place to store it, he told me I do not "tell" him what to do. The delivery person cursed at me and told me that "this isn't the way you talk to people"... well unfortunately, your company is providing a service, therefore FOLLOW through with your CONTRACT! Your job is not to tell a person how to "act" especially a stressed out bride on the verge of a panic attack on her wedding day. I would figure people involved in a wedding vending service should at least have basic skills on communication and four letter words, well not so much!

When I contacted the company the following Monday, they said the emergency number on my paperwork and I was not to be refunded my money... However, this number was only on my final invoice- NOT on my ORIGINAL contract, which is what I had with me on the wedding day. Not only are the staff rude, the owner is as well. He told me that I was difficult the entire time and that I was a customer that was impossible to please. COME ON!!! All I asked for was honesty and for them to be upfront with their fees. He said that he would refund the $65 for the bar, after talking with my (now) husband, but we have yet to see that refund.

Also, they fail to tell you that you cannot cancel items the day of the event- I was under that understanding when we went in to make our final payment on Wednesday prior to the event. This was in the original contract on an addendum on the last page that was not discussed or covered with my fiance' when he went in to make the deposit for the items. Even funnier, when we went in to pay our final payment three days before the event (which was the last day to cancel) again, no one let us know this information even though they KNEW it was a 50/50 chance of rain on Saturday. The receptionist just said that we can cancel the delivery if it rains--- which I equated to getting my money back on the unused things... HAHA!
I guess anything to make some money instead of holding to standards of integrity.

Customer BEWARE!

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