Sunday, May 4, 2008

wedding pics

So I'm just going to post a few here and provide links to the rest...

Location: It was rainy on and off all day & the rental company refused to set up chairs on a wet beach so my quick thinking sister decided it was a go to hold the ceremony under the gazebo

On my way!!!

oh after waiting 45 minutes, I swear I thought this smile couldn't be any bigger (hair malfunction- just book a pro with an appointment you cant procrastinate on! whatever you do!)

I love bare feet! We didn't plan for shoes because we were planning for sand!

It's official!!!

I only got this picture

because people couldn't get past me here to get to the party!

ring bearers:

my brother and his little girl

Where's your dad again???? Oh trying to sneak off... grrr

First dance

and toast


He forgot to ask everyone to stand up and raise their glasses--- so after his speech he just said oh yeah, 'cheers' in the most geekiest voice- and that's why I love him! LOL!



and the $12 yes twelve dollar dress I wasn't going to wear but the zipper on the custom eyelet gown broke as I was zipping up. I didn't get the sequins off (I know some people like them but I wanted to rip them off and use the pink sash I spent good money on!!). Oh and yes this is the dress I trashed a couple months ago with Christy!

The hot pink table runners never got finished (one too many DIY projects and delegated to an unreliable MIL and then cousin- I should have just done them months ago MYSELF!) so the hotel decided that maroon napkins would punch up the tables (beh not my color scheme whatever!) because they didn't have enough white napkins although I told them I would be using theirs because why rent white napkins when they have them????

and our sweetheart table

Home made cake- bought the chocolate shells though :)

and candy buffet- our families hadn't been to any weddings in about 4 or 5 years,
so they thought we were creative with our favors hehe


my bouquet

and mine next to my sisters and a pomander (flower girl)


Flower girl flowers:

and basket

centerpieces DIY
(what I get for getting drunk the night before & blacking out--- not exactly what I wanted but good enough not to stress over!)


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