Tuesday, June 10, 2008

After the fact: DIY ball jar lanterns

The following pictures were my inspiration for our ceremony decor. But I wanted to use ball jars (see some of these) and have alternating flowers and candles (citronella b/c we were supposed to be outside) because I wanted 12 total (6 pairs).

This is what we ended up with since we weren't able to have the ceremony on the beach. What is funny is that I had all the rims done but none of the handles, so my cousins came over the night before the wedding with my aunt (totally drunk might I add) and helped to finish! Thanks guys! Anyhow, so the ladies at the Holiday Inn and my friends & family came up with other ideas to use what I sent. My little black planning book was left at home full of instructions of everything- all they had was my inspiration binder... but they did a great job and it worked out!

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  1. I think these are amazing, i did this once for a wedding for a friend we also did something like this for a baby shower and a anniversary party, we filled some of the jars with candles, some was filled with flowers and some with a gold fish ;) love it. thanks for sharing @tisonlyme143


Thanks a bunch for your comment love!