Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Earl is still missing

Earl is still missing... we've gone through the entire neighborhood, walked for hours, driven around in the middle of the night- One crazy dude chased us down because he thought we were flashing a flashlight in his house... ummmm no dude, I was looking for my cat. And if that was the case, then I'm flashing my flashlight into ALL the neighbors' houses... So don't f'in f with me, or f'in say the f bomb to me & my husband without reason. Ask what's up don't come down the road and flash your bright lights and ride my tail because you think you're being done wrong. Call the cops if you think someone is flashing a flashlight in your house... that's what normal people do. They don't play vigilante. Crazy person.

We've talked to every single person walking a dog, running, riding a bike, washing their cars, anyone basically outside their house. Mike told me I would be a crazy person to knock on people's doors. But I swear I might.

Anyway, we've done the humane society/animal control thing. They don't have him. We're going to go back again Monday to see if maybe they get him over the weekend.

I printed nearly 45 dollars in signs and small 8.5x11 posters for stop signs & 10x15 foam core poster-board and metal thingies to hold them up for each of the neighborhood entrances (2 per each entrance- one for each way of the road).
This week, yeah I paid for Staples to have people in their printing department.

I'm going to put up color flyers in the grocery stores by me, and I've taped b/w flyers to mailboxes on my street and a couple streets up and back... we'll spread out the perimeter of mailbox flyering if we don't get many calls from these. I've given these to all the people we talked to since they are more likely to help us since I've talked to them.

There are so many stray and only outside cats in my neighborhood... I thought we were bad people because we let ours occasionally play outside for a few hours... but sheeezzzz there are people that never let them in, and there are even people who abandoned their cats when they moved. I think it makes me more upset because people don't fix these cats and then it just leads to more and more strays without homes. I wish I could take all the girls in for fixing... that way it at least curbs the stray problem... then I wouldn't stop at every other house thinking it might be my cat.

Oh Earl, just come HOME!

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