Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Earl is missing.

So about two weeks ago, Earl came home completely excised of two claws- ripped completely above the quik. The vet said they probably won't grow back because they are so far back at this point. *think absolutely no nail- just pink nubbyness that smells* So we have been trying to keep him inside as much as possible because other cats can smell blood/infection and could cause some other cat in the neighborhood to try and attack him. Monday morning he dashed out the door between my legs- that little shit was soooo hiding somewhere, but he keeps coming up with hiding spots by the door. He usually makes it home within a few hours, so I fully expected to see him home after my afternoon class... but he wasn't here. Dinnertime came and passed (we eat late too- like 7 or 8 some nights). And then hubby went to bed. This is the longest he had been out. So my butt stays up until 3 am hoping to hear him jump up onto and cling on the front window like he does when he wants to let us know he was there... but he never did.
So I go to bed and he wasn't there Tuesday morning when hubby went to work (at 4:45 am)... I get up at 7, 9:30, 10, 11:30 and he isn't there. At all.
So this afternoon I call animal control and give him a description and they said nothing had been picked up on our road, but there was a complaint about a cat a few streets away, so I drove up and down calling for him. No luck. I then called the local shelters with a description but no luck... Hello~ how many cats have a crooked tail at the base? we're talking like 75-85 degrees crooked here!!!
Mike walked the dogs tonight for over an hour looking for him and then we walked for another hour without the dogs with wet catfood if we found him (to entice him to come to us) and cat treats I was shaking because he always comes running to that. We even brought a laser light to get his attention. We then drove around the neighborhood in his police car (because of the take down lights and the side spotlights)... I bet people were thinking what is that wacko cop doing??? LOL! He never uses his police vehicle off duty for personal use (they are allowed within reason), but he figured guys use theirs ALL the time for random crap, so why not just this once (mainly due to the extra lighting since we were out at night).
Anyway, we're going to go by the two local shelters Wednesday morning and see if he is there just in case I was talking to someone that didn't really get up off their desk to check.
Pray he is there, because I am heartbroken that he isn't home yet.
I'm just afraid some idiot going 50 down my street didn't hit him and throw him in the garbage (today is also trash day).

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