Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last pet but not least, Cody

Then comes Cody. Oh sweet sweet Cody. We decided it was time to get another dog because we had these roomates with a dog and they played sooo much and got along so well, that it was almost necessary because we knew Jake would be lonely when the roomates left. So we looked online and found a dog we wanted to meet. We actually brought Jake to meet and greet another pup, but when we realized they would be two alphas in a house and he liked to chase cats, we knew we couldn't take that pup. Then the shelter employees suggested CoCo. Out comes this skinny little baby came outside and he and Jake got along so well. Oh, I fell in love IMMEDIATELY! He was sooo timid. The only catch, he's a special needs pet. Which means he comes with issues. His issues were severe separation anxiety- of which he was medicated for. He'd had something like three prior owners- AND HE WAS ONLY 7 MONTHS OLD. Poor thing. So we talked about it and took him home. His given name from the shelter was CoCo, but we thought that was too wussy a name for such a sweet pup, so on the ride home we discussed what to name him. Cody came from thinking of names that had CO in them, but would be easy to change for him.Needless to say, it took a while to figure out the anxiety thing, but he's pretty much over it now. He is crated with Jake in a huge one because he broke a crate when they were separated before. Lesson one learned. We have finally taken him off medication and that baby has gained 30- YES THIRTY pounds since we adopted him. Perfect weight for a pup his size.

Cody when we met him.

On the way to his HOME- his forever home.

Cody @ the beach

cuddling with Jake on their couch

On St Patty's day!

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