Thursday, June 5, 2008

Next pet up- Mia

I found Mia our second apartment complex, declawed and knocked up. Go figure. Declaw your cat, but don't get her fixed... yeah responsible pet owners. Anyhow, she jumped into my sister's truck when we were parked in the lot and well, you could say she picked me. I took her home, bought flea shampoo and found out that instead of a grey belly, she was actually white. Yes, there were that many fleas. IT WAS GROSS. I put up flyers after the hurricane, but washed and rid of flea dirt, I would say they probably didn't recognize her or someone threw her outside when they moved.

During the hurricane, I evacuated to visit Mike in St Auggie so here's Mia then.

Making herself at home

On the car ride to meet Earl... LOL. She likes car rides.

See... she wanted to go. The neighbors have to keep their windows rolled up b/c she goes and lays in their cars! LOL

Anyhow, she got fat and really fluffy- she's a long haired kitty. She ended up having four kittens.

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