Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pet people... yeah we're those people

Beware, this is a long post... but it has tons of cute pictures!

Yeah, we're pet people. I don't know if I've mentioned it previously, but we are.
I must say we are in love with our pets... We're not ready for kids for various reasons, but we really have our hands full with our babies.

We have 5 pets. Two dogs, Jake and Cody, and three cats, Mia, Luke and Earl. We have accumulated them over the last four years. So over a few posts, I'll probably be introducing each one to you guys out there in internet land.

Jake is a rescue from local humane society. Anyhow, we are firm believers in rescuing a "mutt" rather than spending on puppy farms for many reasons, but mainly because there are so many irresponsible pet owners out there, that these pets need loving homes.
Mike got Jake when we were on a "break" and he was living here in St Aug, while I was still in college in Mobile. His dog from growing up had died the year prior, and he felt it was lonely at his parent's house without a dog. So he adopted one.

Jake as a puppy

Jake at our house when I moved to St Auggie

And Jake running free at the beach!

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