Monday, July 28, 2008

Gotta love the economy. Now it's messing with my education

So I, like many other students at my school are having problems getting a loan from the school's only private lender, Sallie Mae.
I went to go talk to the lady in financial "aid" (but there's no aid, it's all private lending no federal anything), and LO AND BEHOLD! She is on VACATION- the week before registration... the week people are in need of assistance and answers due to the financial crisis our country is in. They had a meeting last week and they gave no answers. NONE.

Then, I went to make an appointment to talk to the school President about the situation because I'm at my wits end, he's on vacation too. Oh, so is his assistant, so I can't even make an appointment. AND THEN!
I go talk to Bow Tie guy (Anderson???), who after about 10 minutes of making excuses for the university staff lying to prospective students about getting Title IV funding, just totally blows me out of the water. I asked him, so other than me, how many students are likely leaving USA? He says well you would only make 2... TWO? (inside my head I'm thinking-ONLY TWO PEOPLE CAN'T GET A LOAN FOR HERE? GIVE ME A F'in BREAK!), to which I reply, I am aware of at least 10 people who may not be able to get the funding to come here next term and many people have discussed transferring to other institutions. THEN. OH THEN, he says well you know "You students do a lot of talking but we rarely see any action". WHAT!? I promptly ended my meeting then before I started saying the things I was thinking. Somewhat making an attempt at professionalism.
So does it make me a bad person to tell people that have applied here and/or thinking about applying and attending here that they should go somewhere else because this school is just full of brown stinky bodily waste and have lied for 6 years about Title IV funding????

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