Sunday, July 13, 2008

Growing into my big girl clothes

I found this article today and started thinking... Is it time for me to grow into MYbig-girl clothes, and no I don't mean plus sized... Is it time for me to start dressing my age?

I'm twenty six now. I've been telling my sister for at least 4 years that she needed to start dressing her age... She's twenty-nine now, so that means I started telling her that when she was 25. Oh, yeah. I'm a hypocrite.

So, I'm a graduate student. My typical daily wardrobe is Jeans or Capris (when it's hot as Haites) and a polo top or t-shirt tunic. Occasionally, I'll wear khakis. But that is only when the jeans are dirty. I'll dress up for presentations when I have them. But I will not, under any circumstances dress up for class. Well at least, so far.

Is it truly time for me to start dressing for success? I'm about 6 months away from my internships. Six months to get my stamina up and be able to be on my feet for 8+ hours. Six months to get my butt back into one or two size smaller dress clothes. Yup. I've gained a bit of weight since the wedding. Like nearly 18 pounds. Yeah, disgusting. Anyhow, so what's the point in dressing up? Dressing like the job you want, not the job you have is the key. After all, my school has a dress code instituted by the students. Yeah, by the students.

So, I know this has been random. Isn't that the point. So should I be dressing for success? My conclusion is that I should be at least making an effort when I am going to school. These professors are the people that I will be asking for rec letters from in the future. I need to put my fashionable foot forward- soon.

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  1. It's so random and it's fitting for all occasions. By the way, what is success?


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