Friday, August 29, 2008

Craving a big juicy cheeseburger

So tonight, hubby and I were in Jacksonville shopping for cars and he was like, "you know what I'm craving, one of those juicy burgers at Ted's"... so we decided to go and eat (mind you it was 7 and we were no where even close to being done shopping for a car), even though every cent right now should be saved for the car. And really, he's not a foodie (like I) and so when he's craving something, I like to give in :)

So, those of you that have heard of Ted's Montana Grill, their motto is everything freshmade, homemade. This from their site:

"An appetite for doing things right. That’s exactly what you’ll find on our menu. Everything is fresh-made from scratch, just as you order it. From our “source verified” all-natural beef, bison, and chicken full of flavor with no artificial ingredients or preservatives to fresh, made-from-scratch comfort food that’s never seen the inside of microwave or a freezer."

So we went to Ted's and as soon as we walked in, there's a big sign and the word that sticks out to me is "MARGARITA", those of you that know me, I'm a huge margarita fan. LOVE 'EM!

So we get seated, where they immediately bring their in house pickles (made there too) and then order their appetizer version of their nightly special, St. Phillip's Island Crab Cakes. I, of course, ordered a top shelf margarita (1800 resposado is my fav tequila) and Mike, a beer.

We got our house salads before the appetizer, which were good, except I really always forget to ask them not to put bacon on them. I like bread with my salad, I'm not sure why, but I do, so I ask for bread (they don't just bring it out like most places, you can have it though, free, as long as you ask!). Their bread is a cross between a yeasty Parker house roll and a biscuit, and it's only 130 calories each one, so I don't feel guilty having it! About halfway through the salads, we get the Crab Cakes and I take a bite and it was so good, spicy, creamy, crabby sweet. JUST MELT IN YOUR MOUTH, YUM. I forgot to take a picture of the plating but it looked good too.

We ordered burgers for our meals because, well that's what Mike was craving (and he really missed out on the bison last time!). I got a regular burger with cheddar cheese, cooked medium and Mike got a "Vermejo" with Monterey Jack cheese, grilled onions & mushrooms. Then we got the burgers and ooooohhhhh they had this great smokey smell that made my mouth water. Then, I realized I forgot to ask for mayo and they brought it in a cute little metal cup and as I was spreading it onto my bun, I realized THAT IS MADE FRESH TOO!

Here's a few burger pics- please excuse the image quality, all I had for a camera is my palm 680 that sooo needs upgrading.

But don't they look good??? Yeah, they were!

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