Sunday, August 24, 2008

i *heart* dog sitting

Totally random post, but I haven't done any projects today, so I'll talk about my other favorite topic, pets and other people's pets!

Last night we dog sat a little Scottie for some friends of ours. Now remember, my puppies are big ones- 65 and 95 lbs each. They were in a bit of a bind and I owed them one b/c N. came and got me and the dogs after the car accident. And, honestly, I love having other people's dogs over because my dogs love to play with other dogs and it makes me happy to see my puppies happy. :) And it gives me the dose of getting to love and snuggle another pet and keeps me from adopting another new pet!

So their pup, Duncan, came over and was all excited to meet Jake and Cody. They chased each other around about an hour, trying to sniff each other's butts & business, but not letting the other sniff their butts. It was kind of funny b/c Duncan doesn't even make it up to their height when he stands on his hind legs. LOL!

They got acquainted after a while and just hung out, played a bit of tug-of-war with the tire and rope toys. Today, they ran around in the back yard and had a good ol' time.

Duncan loved the cats, it was really funny because he would bark at them and then the cat would yowl at him, and only one of the cats (Luke) didn't run off. Needless to say, after a swat from Luke, Duncan stayed back!

Anyhow, Cody was sad to see Duncan go, & I have to admit, I love his little fluffy self and am sad too!

Isn't he a cutie!

the pic on top is with the dogs all sleeping and Mike was asleep on the large sofa while I was reading on the love seat. I couldn't help but take this pic!

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