Saturday, August 16, 2008

I just fell in love with ikea

So we were on vacation in Orlando and I got to FINALLY visit an ikea store in person. I love the website, visit it often. ALL the time, really. Always wanting to get a few things for the house. But I refuse to buy online because I'm against the astronomical shipping prices. :)
So I did some online window shopping before we left so we could have an idea of what we wanted before we hit the store, because this place is HUGE. I printed out the following pictures to bring with me so I would have a somewhat list.

Something like these pieces:
I love this but my house isn't really decorated modern enough to have it.

We are definitely in need of a couple bookcases to flank either side of our fireplace, but we weren't sure which we were going to end up getting.

And I am totally trying to get my hubby to let me get a buffet/china cabinet for our dining room.

Needless to say, when I walked into the store, I didn't realize exactly how things worked. The top floor was the showroom that was HUGE and had all the furniture in setups and little mini homes (think kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms in a 400-700 sq ft space all laid out in the middle of the show floors). The store was pretty well laid out and I found most everything I was looking for (and a lot more than I wasn't!). They even had a huge cafe' where we had lunch after walking around the top floor to discuss our purchases prior to going to the bottom floor, where you pick up the big items you saw upstairs. This proved beneficial because we were able to hack it out over food and Pepsi (whoop whoop no Coke! that's up one notch in my book!). And no fights about spending too much money. :)

Anyhow, the trip was a success. Maybe too much so.

We ended up getting one of these for my bedroom because it nearly matched the style of this bedroom set I got at Pier 1 on clearance (yes another impulse buy that just so doesn't go with our style, but it works and we like it for now.)

And we got one of these for now to see how quickly I fill it up and will most likely be getting another one soon for the other side of my fireplace

See in the house all assembled:

We didn't buy a buffet because hubby didn't feel okay spending the money right then. But I did get some other things for the house: down throw pillow forms ($7 each!), a feather comforter, two sheets to make a duvet for the new feather comforter, tons of picture frames and a few storage items for the kitchen.

We were going to buy a cute little table for the entryway (weird corner in between two couches with oddly high arms) but we grabbed the wrong one when pulling it, so we'll have to go back to exchange that sometime in the next 90 days! (yay) and that's when I'll probably get the other bookcase and a few other things!

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