Friday, August 1, 2008

I won't be flying United Airlines!

I know I've been on a household and family kick lately, but I felt the need for something random!

I was reading this article the other day and remembered reading recently about this fee imposed by a few carriers in the airline industry to have one checked bag. I'm not a seasoned flyer, but I travel on occasion and this is one more reason I hate flying. These companies make millions of dollars annually, yet they are charging their COACH customers for checking baggage. COME ON! IMPOSE THESE STUPID FEES ACROSS THE ENTIRE BOARD PEOPLE! If you are going to charge only coach customers, then I'm not flying coach!

I understand they are trying to keep from having to go completely bankrupt, but if you cannot do business right, then you should go bankrupt. You shouldn't be trying to rip people off to make ends meet. We are in a recession, so people aren't going to be trying to fly these more expensive airlines when a discount carrier, such as Airtran, provides the same service without imposing these silly fees.

I also see they will no longer be providing free drinks among other things. I can't bring my own water or drink because I can't carry liquids past security, and it costs two dollars for a 12oz drink on the other side... I spent over 250 on a ticket with your airline, but you won't provide me with a half a can of pop???? Yeah... that was what made people not want to fly Skybus either. And now they are defunct- take note.


  1. No man is an island. Unless you get others to follow your goals are useless.

  2. I can certainly relate! For so many years I was an :elite" frequent-flyer and never paid for a thing. I stopped this (thank goodness) and now I feel like a cow with the rest of the herd on planes. Flying used to be so civilized for everyone!

  3. Ugh! This is bull$&*%....I have never flown on a plane but I have been hearing a lot about this.


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