Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pretty milk glass and other thrift store finds

Okay, so ya'll know I'm all about a bargain... and even more so something free.

Since I'm on vacation from school, I've been checking out the local thrift shops and antique stores to find goodies for our home. I've been really looking for a china hutch/buffet since we didn't get one from Ikea a few weeks ago. Plus, I've been on somewhat of a nesting trip the last month or so, I just guess I need new projects since the wedding has been over. (no there is no cupcake in the oven.)

Anyhow, on my trips to the thrift stores and flea markets and antique stores, I've been looking for milk glass. I love milk glass. It just makes me feel all warm inside, makes me feel like I'm living right out of the pages of Country Living magazine. Crisp, pretty, comfortable and livable. That's what I want our home to look like.

(all pics from housemartin blog, country living website or designsponge)

There's just something so casual and comfortable about these pictures, I just want to jump in them and become apart of the scenery. Country doesn't have to be tacky and isn't always white on white or Rachael Ashwell "shabby chic" style. Which I was going for when I first was trying the country thing back when we got our first apartment.

So, I found these great pieces at an antique store and the local goodwill. I've been collecting a few pieces over the last few years, but I was looking for more unique things, because most of them are about 6" tall and 1.5" at the bottom with either a hobnail (nubby look) or windmill pattern. So I was on the search for something different and pretty. And not hobnail! See my new finds below!

I also got a great china buffet and hutch (pics to come soon in a later post on refinishing the piece) for $50 and a cute little chandelier that I have to re-finish for $10 at a local thrift shop that benefits a local battered womens shelter.

And one last awesome find over the week- a absolutely free desk that is in great condition, the top is just in need of TLC and either paint or new wood. Either way I'm game since it was a curbside find! Gotta love free stuff man!

Anyhow, I'll update with pics of those projects and details of my refinishing and updating them to this century soon! I've got the time, especially since 'Hurricane' Fay has closed the entire town and hubby's vacay has to be cut one day short due to the job calling him in tomorrow to be part of the storm team- he's in law enforcement. I'll be having time to work on this stuff, and I promised hubby that I wouldn't leave the china cabinet and hutch for months unfinished. So I have to make good on that promise and do it over break.



  1. You did a fine job of shopping. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I love looking through magazines, and now Pinterest for decorating ideas. They make it look effortless.

  3. I love the items that can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, and even yard sales. Sometimes you find a treasure, others, junk. It's still fun looking.

  4. I love finding old items in good condition. My problem is that it's easy to get carried away and over spend.


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