Friday, August 22, 2008

tropical storm fay 'responsible' for deaths across florida

This isn't that bad of a storm. I've actually stayed in Mobile, AL (where I went to college) when a hurricane went through. Except for the loss of power, it really wasn't that bad. You just STAY in your HOMES and DO NOT DRIVE unless it is truly important or an emergency.

Like many people, I talk about stupid people. I make fun of stupid people in such a way that I just cannot get over it. It's just apart of my snarky charm I suppose. One thing I don't do is talk about dead people in a bad way. Mainly, because I just don't want to get haunted. I would totally drop a load if I saw a dead person. May they rest in peace... now on to the stupidity. I was reading (my typical place for current events) and saw this paragraph

"State officials tallied storm casualties Friday, saying three people died in traffic accidents in the heavy rain and two others drowned in surf kicked up by the storm. Overall, the storm has been blamed for 28 deaths, most in the Caribbean....
A 16-year-old girl died in Duval County when her car collided with an SUV after spinning on wet pavement Wednesday. A 44-year-old was killed when his truck rolled while going around a curve on a rain-soaked road Thursday, and a 43-year-old man died Wednesday in Indian River County when his vehicle spun and hit a traffic light post.
Two swimmers drowned in heavy surf Thursday on the Atlantic coast, a 21-year-old woman in Duval and a 35-year-old woman in Volusia County. " from here.

Okay, a 16 year old girl SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DRIVING IN 50 mph winds. PERIOD. Let's think! Come on parents! I bet they are feeling like shit right now.
Now the older people (the ones in their 40's) that passed away were probably headed to work or something and just didn't know how to handle a spin out or didn't have appropriate rain tires- something just needed when you live in the great hurricane state of Florida. Then you have people at the beach swimming. YES, swimming. Were they surfing? Isn't there lightning? You don't surf OR SWIM for that matter when there is lightning. Oh my.

Do not get me wrong. I cannot wait to go beachcombing after the storm. The best stuff washes ashore after a good storm. And the location of the storm, we probably got some decent shells, starfish or sand dollars.

So people of the state of Florida, please LEAVE the beaches until Sunday when the worst of the winds and super high surf is gone and stay out of your car unless you're out of tampons or baby formula (cause there are no substitutes for either of those).


This is just a cool picture...
I think they will be re-building stairs in a few weeks.

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  1. LOL
    --Unless you are out of tampons or baby formula, because there are no subtitues for those.--

    Hope you're doing ok!


  2. Storms come and storms go. It's always the same at the beach!


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