Monday, August 25, 2008

waiting and projects, projects, PROJECTS!

So I have nothing really to blog about today, I just thought I'd say hello. The thing with the car made some progress and we're driving a sweet Pontiac G5 (basically a 2 door G6) until that gets worked out. The jeep will be towed to Jacksonville to a body shop there and we'll just have to wait and see what they say.

So, I sat down and was thinking about the projects I would like to have finished before classes start next week. Or better yet, more of a running list that I might work on, that will last through Christmas break! Here's the list so far, in somewhat order of desire to be completed.

1. paint/ refinish the desk we found on the side of the road last week (start working on tomorrow with my new sander!)

2. china buffet & hutch- I'm leaning towards a reddish color since most of the accents in the main/common areas home are reddish... if I hate it I can always change it! Maybe it should be a neutral... what if I want to change the accents to blues one day?

3. Finish the dimmer project *finally got the rest of the parts today!

4. Finally post the rest of the wedding stuff on ebay to sell... money might be a good thing since a new car is in the near future!

5. Duvet cover for the new down comforter we got at ikea two weeks ago

6. complete picture wall *SNAPFISH, I'm waiting on those prints!

7. Organize my school books and crap and drop off some old course notes for binding~ maybe I should just put them all in the same color binder and label the spine with the contents... that way I can incorporate them into my decor!

8. Pillow covers for the throw pillows (bargain at ikea) for the living room

9. Organize my bedroom & remove the dresses that has been emptied and therefore replaced by the 4-drawer we got at ikea

10. Do something for a headboard in the master bedroom & some curtains. I want to upholster the headboard in the spare bedroom & remove the bed in there (it's way too huge). Plus, the indian blanket that hangs over the blackout rollershade is really losing it's charm. :)

11. Go through those bags of clothes & give them away via Freecycle and goodwill. (thus clearing out the spare bedroom that has become the "catchall" for all the crap I just am not ready to work on or deal with!

12. Slipcover and cushions for the pullout I refuse to give up- this thing really should hit the curb, but there is SO much potential. And it is a PULLOUT. But it kind of smells like my dogs & I even call it the "dog's couch". Hmmmm.

13. Find a new use for that long dresser that I just emptied from the master bedroom- I wish I had the tools to re-work it and make it into a buffet for the dining room to match the china buffet/hutch I'm refinishing. It would make a great server... I just would have to figure out a way to make them look the same... maybe replace the molding that was added to the buffet/hutch- I can tell it was a pre-fab and the molding was added for a decorative/architectural touch, and then add the same molding to the bottom of the dresser, it could look very similar to the hutch... then make the drawers into shelves and make doors... oh the ideas! Or use the bottom of the existing buffet as a buffet server and refurb the dresser for the hutch to go on top of... oooohhhhh...

14. Slipcovers for the dining room chairs- I figured this would be a great way to have a nice pop of color without having to buy new chairs. Plus they are already cushy, so it should be simple because it has a clean, straight back.

15. Fireplace cover/surround- this is a total non-necessity but I saw it on HGTV and then on a website using FOAMCORE (score-super cheap!) and thought, "I COULD SO DO THAT"! I just hate the dingy creme/gray coloring of the brick and the mantle that matches the ugly cabinets and countertops

Oh the ideas I have. Yes. Totally nesting- MINUS THE CUPCAKE in the oven. I think it's because I really want this house to be homey. This is the first time in the last 13 years that I haven't had to move at least yearly (sometimes 2-3 times a year). And I know we'll be here for at least another year. So I'm wanting it to just be great.

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