Friday, August 22, 2008

yeah, we're those idiots

Okay, the majority of the winds died down and it was sporadically sprinkling outside, so we wanted to go to the beach and see what has washed up. NOT TO GO SWIMING. Just beach comb and let the dogs run around. Well, on our way down to the beach (Mike does the husband thing and drives when we're together), some idiot lady pulls out from a side street into oncoming traffic making a left into our lane. SHE HAD A blinking RED STOP LIGHT. We had a blinking yellow. That's what happens when lights don't work in this town. Mainstreet on slow and side street must WAIT. So, hubby tries to avoid her and swerve into the right lane, but she keeps turning wide into the far right lane... not even trying to look at the oncoming traffic. She said she didn't even see us! WTF! Look while you're driving lady! GEEZ!

Anyhow she was an old ass lady- 89 years old! she shouldn't even be f'in driving!- and was all like "I want to see your insurance"--- I'm glad I didn't hear that because you know I'd been like "bitch! your ass was the one coming into ONCOMING TRAFFIC AND violated the RIGHT OF WAY". She had no idea Mike is a cop. But he didn't want to tell her or let her know because he didn't want her to pull that "they just helped him out because he's one of them! crap".

A friend of mine came and got me & the pups and took us home. Thank God we were okay, the dogs are not hurt- Cody is a bit shaken up and is being medicated right now so he can chill a bit and stop shaking--- my vet is so cool- she has a kick ass weekend emergency line, so I don't have to go to the emergency vet to try to ask about ativan dosage information!.
Anyhow, the truck is pretty much undrivable- the driver right fender is touching the tire and Mike said right turns were out of the question. LOL. He insisted on trying to drive it home. She got a citation and we're waiting on the insurance adjuster tomorrow to come look at it to say "yes they need a rental car". I'm just so pissed b/c we just spent 450 on the brakes two weeks ago. I'm like "can we sell them back the parts?" Mike said "it probably saved our lives b/c we really needed that brake job".

The lady got the ticket, FHP determined she was at fault by violating the right of way, and our insurance should take care of it. But I'm still stuck without a vehicle for a few days until this gets all cleared up and they provide a rental. BAH!

I guess I'll be getting a new car before February.

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