Friday, September 5, 2008

got a new ride

Sorry for the lack of posts this week all, classes started back and we were still on the great car search!

First big purchase as a married couple- our first new(er) car. New to me!
Its an '05 Ford Escape... yes we were looking for a car, but with the huge "gas scare" no car salesman was just selling 4-dr sedans in our price range. But then hubby and I talked and kind of agreed that a smaller SUV would get the same gas mileage as a slightly older sedan anyhow and would be better for our dogs and trips to the beach~ I was slightly disappointed when we had to walk over a mile to find a good spot for our pups to get a good run this week because the sand was too soft for the rental to drive on it.

We went to look at a Trailblazer (one of my girlfriends has one) that we saw the night before, and it was sold. I was sooo pissed b/c there had been about 4 other vehicles we had gone to look at that were either sold or something was so wrong with them, it was a waste of gas to even go look at them! The guy was like if you see it, then buy it then, cause it's not going to be here for long! Then I remembered a cute Ford Escape that was on the lot that I liked even when we were there looking at cars.

So we took it for a test drive (with the dealer) who tried to sell us on the car the whole time, and I'm like I RESEARCHED THESE before dude... When we got back to the dealership I was like please give my husband and I a few minutes to talk.
As soon as the guy was out of the car, I was trying to weigh pros and cons (like always) and hubby was like "just tell me you like it because I so want it!" So I get on the line and have oldest sister pull me up a kelly blue book value on it, NADA, etc so we can get to negotiating.

FYI- for the future car buyers... buyer beware about financing and packages from the dealer... here's a price comparison chart: (click to make bigger)

They get you in that finance office and want to "beat" your deal that you get from your own bank and start talking numbers and convincing you it's a bad idea to tap out your bank resource for financing in case of an emergency (wasn't needing a new car exactly that emergency???). And throwing all that- it only increases your payment X dollars... and I'm like WHAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE PRICE FELLA! Then they try sooo hard to keep you after 5pm so you can't just drive down to your own bank and get a check for the purchase... grrrrrr I just wanted to get out of there.

Also, buying in St Augustine saved us 1% on taxes when purchasing (6% in St John's county and 7% in Duval).

So here's the first pics (I'll update when it's sunny after Hannah passes us!)

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