Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm still alive & 25 random things

So I'm still alive, just a busy bee... I finish up my exit exams in a week, then I go on internship in another two weeks. YAY!
I got "tagged" on Facebook for this thing and figured, well I might as well post it over here. So here's 25 random thoughts about me:

1. I believe all cats and dogs should be spayed and neutered. People that breed dogs should have a permit to keep their pets with all their breeding parts...

2. I don't like the person I used to be when I was younger- I don't like to talk to people I knew in high school because I am SO not anything like that person anymore. Apparently, I've become a snob.

3. I think that sometimes it takes moving away from everyone and everything you know to grow up and find yourself. I am still finding myself.

4. I want to save the world- one lost soul, one hurt person, one kind gesture, one blunt statement, one stray cat/dog at a time.

5. I am very shy. I just pretend not to be. "Fake it til you make it" is my motto.

6. I ramble when I am extremely tired or nervous. And sometimes both of those make me cry too.

7. I hate when people whistle- I just want to throw a rock into their lips so they can't anymore.

8. I believe everyone should know and practice basic etiquette. The chapter is called "The Kindergarten of Etiquette" in THE book of etiquette (aka the Etiquette Bible). Read here:

9. I will go out of my way to help people. Even for people that I know don't like me. Helping people is my calling, I can't help it if they suck.

10. I used to sell kitchen knives in people's houses while I was in college. Cutco RULES!! I did pretty well at it because I believe in the product (and still do!)

11. I speak my mind way too much, and sometimes it gets me in trouble or offends people. I just blurt out whatever I'm thinking.

12. I love my dogs and cats so much, it is borderline obsessive. I'm like one of those paranoid parents... but about my pets, and maybe a little co-dependent. I miss my animals when I'm not home all day.

13. One of my biggest fears is that I am going to be a awful mother one day.

14. I consider myself an expert at very few things. I like knowing a little bit about a lot of things, that way I can always participate in any conversation at a party... well if I was the type of person to go to parties. :)

15. I really hated my wedding... it was nothing like I expected and everything I didn't plan for. Please don't ask me about it... I'll go on for HOURS. But my husband had such a great time and was so happy, that's all that really matters!

16. I have a huge family on my mother's side, over 100 1st and 2nd cousins from 9 aunts & uncles (not including their spouses)... I recently found out in the last year that I have a huge family on my father's side too! That's why I'm such a loudmouth.

17. I hate the lottery and think that anyone that gambles or plays it is just dumb. Period.

18. I hate being late, but I'm always late anyway. When I try to be early, I'm just later. It's pathetic and in my genes.

19. People that park like crap drive me crazy. I used to write notes and stick them on their cars to let them know people think they suck at parking.

20. I think people that get a second DUI should have to pay to have a breathalyzer installed into their car ignitions and be required to keep it in place for at least a decade. Okay, I get the first one may be a stupid mistake, but a second time, well, that's just the sign of a flat out idiot.

21. I hate to read anything with chapters... I prefer magazines, they take up less attention and brain power.

22. I love my friends so much, they become my family. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, no matter what.

23. Tequila is my favorite liquor... Not Jose Cuervo, that crap is like drinking bleach. If you buy the right kind, it goes down smoothly, and there shouldn't be a hangover the next day (which is why I was able to make it through my wedding!).

24. I start way too many projects and don't finish half of them. Most of that stuff is in my spare bedroom or my laundry room... piled up. People have junk drawers, I have rooms.

25. My husband proposed to me while I was cooking sloppy joes. :) It really was a good moment, perfect for us.

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