Friday, July 10, 2009

New blog, new name

I've decided to go ahead and start up a new blog. Mainly for randomness, partly for a new start. I haven't blogged on newlyweds since January, and it was November before that. Most of those posts were about our wedding, random things, and complaining!!!

There's been many changes going on, here in St. Auggie lately. My schooling has had some roadblocks, speed bumps and adjustments. My first internship experience was nothing short of a nightmare. That place was so awful and really broke me, I ended up being pulled early and didn't get any credit for 11 weeks work. I had to appeal to be reinstated back into school. After being readmitted, I had to go through a remediation process with my school, that ended up pushing my second internship back 6 weeks.

I've finally started my second internship, about two weeks ago, and I've started to finally regain my confidence. So anyhow, I'll be blogging at least once a week, all about the same random things as before, a few re-posts (like the pet intros!!), and maybe a little about my internships. But of course, without violating HIPPA laws!!!

So, I guess, raise your glass to a new start.

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