Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Month one after WLS

The first month after surgery was AWFUL.

In the hospital, I was allowed only clear liquids (see previous post). Then when I went home, I was on two weeks of pureed foods. The idea of pureed proteins sounded so DISGUSTING. Pureed food sucked until I started seasoning it. I also ate Boars Head turkey and roast beef. But around day 10, I NEEDED to chew something. Pureed foods aren't SO bad as long as they are SEASONED. I decided that rotisserie chickens would be the best route to go. They taste good normally, so at least puree chicken wouldn't suck so bad. For fruits and veggies, I ate baby pears, peaches and applesauce. Who knew baby fruit tasted SO GOOD.

Other than the food, I was in so much pain, and had a couple times that I broke down wondering "WTH did I do?!?!", "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?". Hubby was really supportive and helped me through that whole remorse phase. Here's a post that I posted on OH.

"two weeks post op and have had two times where I have asked myself what did I do. Once was the first weekend when I was in so much pain that I couldn't get out of bed myself and I began having serious bowel issues, and had such a hard time taking care of myself in general. I couldn't even do the most basic tasks for myself. That was a horrible night, but I thank God for my husband because while I was sitting there crying asking "Why did I do this?!" he is telling me to calm down and that I'm just in pain, adjusting, I never like change, and that I did this to get healthy.

Today was my two week post op visit and I literally cried throughout the entire visit. I was so tired- I haven't slept an entire night since surgery. The MD said that burning up the fat releases hormones that make me emotional and cause sleep issues. Also, I'm dehydrated and not getting enough protein, increasing the tired feeling- because I am having a hard time eating and getting enough liquid in.

I think it's only natural to feel a sense of loss- we are changing our lives and really changing the way we do everything."

My career involves helping people be able to perform basic ADL tasks like showering, wiping, dressing. I couldn't do those things for myself. I couldn't even do IADLs like prepping my own food. I didn't have the stamina for the first 10 days.

My incisions were healing well, but of course there was bruising at 5 or so days out.

These are my incisions just before two weeks. Everything healed up, except the one that has an OBVIOUS allergic reaction and the ends opened up and were draining a bit, plus some internal stitches came out a little and needed cutting. A LOT of people say it takes up to a month and longer for surgical incisions to heal up, but I was doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase my healing, help rid my system from toxins and improve overall wellness, see here, here, here, and here is where I received my treatments. I also got glutathione IV infusions to help my system process all the crap that was pumped into it.

Then, at day 19, I tried to start my third internship. The first day, I got so nauseated and dizzy, I had to lay down on the floor. My BP dropped. The next day things went well, but Wednesday, I felt like a Mack truck ran over my body and couldn't get out of bed. Thursday, the school made the decision to pull me from my internship without even discussing it with my supervisor pending additional release from my surgeon. I had already given them two letters of release at this point. UGH. So that pushed my internship back two additional weeks. I was livid. The person at my school stated I was "physically unable to perform the essential functions of an OT". Yeah, right. I had low BP and almost passed out. I could do my job. I could treat patients. Turns out, it wasn't even related to my surgery, it was a reaction to a medication I was taking.

When I returned to my internship, my supervisor was really annoyed with my school and felt that the school's decision to remove me without discussing it with her or her department manager was rude, inconsiderate and completely underhanded. My internship site was VERY supportive about everything. When I looked pale, they suggested I check my BP. When I threw up, they offered me water- which was nice, but doesn't work for WLS people. Anyhow, that internship was a great place to be with the things going on at that point in my life.

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