Monday, March 29, 2010

Surgery Day and Hospital Stay.

So, I was called the day before and told to be at the hospital at 9:00 am on Wednesday for my surgery. I stayed up really late, trying to do last minute things, and honestly, I had anxiety and no amount of Xanax was going to make things better.
I woke up, showered with my special body wash (antibacterial). Took my couple prescribed medications that I was authorized to take that AM. Showed up at the hospital, waited for a bit then went back to my prep room.

Here's me on the way in...

Mike had to wear my wedding band because no jewelry is allowed in the OR.

I got my hand IV, and it burned. It really irritated me because the needle was touching the wall of the vein and everything burned going through that. They have to do about an hour or two of fluids plus antibiotics prior to surgery and also begin administering anti-coagulant shots.

I met the anesthesiologist and he gave me two Ativan for my anxiety. Good man. I fell asleep and that's all she wrote.

I was not allowed out of bed alone because I was a fall risk after my Ativans. :)

Yeah, I'm oblivious to the world. And don't you dig my sexy cap? It's a good thing I was out of it because they took my glasses off when they rolled me out of my room. And I'm blind as a bat without them.

After I woke up though, ugh. PAIN. Thank God for a PCA pump. I slept, and slept.

Here's another glamour shot

Then when I woke up... However, except the great drugs, this is probably what I look like on a normal day. :D

About four hours after surgery, I had to do some walking.I refused to walk around without a gait belt or a wheelchair behind me. I know that everything I'm taught in school isn't always what is done in practice, but when you're on a morphine drip, dizziness is just a part of the package. They told me I was overreacting and that I didn't need one, and I continued to argue with them. Then my O2 levels decreased so I needed O2 while I was walking, so they had to have a wheelchair to hook the oxygen on.

This one is my "get the frigging camera out of my face" look.

Later that night I had some breakthrough bleeding and the nurses were total asses about it. I didn't know that could happen. No clue at all. They laughed at me because I didn't want Hubby to help me clean myself up (I couldn't twist very well) and I started crying. They still didn't help me. My husband ended up doing it. And I had to wear a cath for 24 hours post-op, so that thing was in the way too. Then I had a panic attack. Those nurses are jerks. The hospital stay wasn't so bad except for them. They brought my maternity pads and I was like HELL no. I was like give me a chucks or an adult brief for over night. Cause (in my head), that had to be better than those 1" thick pads.

I had to wear a drain as well, so here's me with my drain and my depends in all their glory! I realize now how hilarious that I wanted an adult brief (depends) rather than pads. But it's so absolutely sexy, isn't it?

Here's the nurse doing something. I don't remember if it was draining my drain, giving me another blood thinner shot or removing my cath.

Here's a pic of my "food" and drinks. I had to do medicine cups to get used to not gulping down liquids. (And if you look close enough, you can see my red eyes from crying.

And here's me eating Jello. HAHA. I can't not spill on myself. Even after surgery.

In between sleeping and sipping drinks that were way too cold, and some of the best chicken broth of my life, I would get online. Because, yes, I'm a technology addict and had free wifi.

The next day, they removed the cath (thank God) and the PCA pump (so sad) because I had to get radiographs (X-rays) to make sure everything sealed up properly. I had to swallow some nasty barium contrast stuff to make sure there's no leaks. I was so tired after standing still for like 10 minutes and my body ached. But, all was fine. Then, later on that day, the same snotty nurse told me that I didn't need to be asking for my pain meds every 4 hours. WTH? They are prescribed every 4-6 hours. Anyhow, I told her to shut her mouth and do her job and please bring me pain medication.

Here's what the laproscopic incisions look like from my surgery. I've blacked out the lady parts you just don't get to see.

And one more on my left side near my largest incision, with the bruising from the anticoagulant they shot me with.

Then on Friday, I got to go home. Oh, I was so happy to get back in my bed. See how happy we are.

I was nauseated the whole way home (all 10 minutes). When we got home, I didn't even make it to bed, I fell asleep on the couch and couldn't get up. See my puke bucket next to my head. haha.

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