Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jeans, overpriced jeans and how-to fit them.

$300 jeans trend may be O-V-E-R, Yes, you read that right! Not that I've ever spent more than $60 on one pair of jeans, like ever, but it makes me happy to hear that good, quality denim is coming down in price. :)

Could $300 Jeans Finally Be Over? from StyleList

I truly believe that every single woman should have one, great fitting, jean that makes you feel slim, tall and have a nice ass- even if you're chubby/fat/obese, short (like me) and have a weird shaped/flat ass.

Now, since I'm losing weight, I refuse to spend a crazy amount of money on jeans, I feel that right now, there's just a few staples pieces of clothing that are necessary. This includes a denim jean, dress pant, casual khaki type pant, and maybe a skirt in my current size and a few tops to mix and match is more than sufficient. Tops are easier to get away with when you're between sizes and sometimes, you can still get away with an XL if you might be in a L. But with bottoms, if you're pants are a little too small, they are uncomfortable when sitting down, if they are a little too big, then you have saggy ass all day.

Here's a few Jeans that I particularly like for all shapes:
Old Navy



Lane Bryant


And now, there's companies who offer a more custom fit where you can pick and choose the specific assets you like about certain jeans- front and low rise, tightness through hip and thigh, ankle cut (boot/flare/straight/skinny), length (perfect for shorties like me), washes etc. For the perfect fit you may have to spend a little more, but for jeans that fit like a glove without having to try on 100 pairs to find the right one, it just might be worth it!
My true fit, indidenim, and ic3d
There's probably more, but this is just what I've found this evening while looking around quickly.

This company gives discounts if you recycle your old jeans! Azalea Boutique

And, to see celebs in THEIR jeans, check out this blog: Jeans blog. Just great and not-so great pics and good info :)
They also have some great tips for finding the right fitting jean:
Jeans to fit your body shape
Hemming jeans while keeping the original hem style
Jeans and Stretch

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