Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter weekend and I was able to RUN!

This weekend was Easter.

Saturday, we did some random household things but decided to take a walk in the late afternoon. We didn't take Cody because he's limping again, but we took Jake because he really needs the exercise and energy burn. Jake has so much energy, it's insane.

So, we walked over to Wercoba/Lakebottom Park, and I decided I wanted to run. So we jogged/ran a block, walked a couple blocks, ran another block, walked a couple more blocks. I was able to run without wanting to pass out immediately! I couldn't even believe it. My legs felt a little like rubber when we got home, but I was determined to make it from the far end of my street to my house, no matter what my legs did.

Afterwards, I went over to Publix to pick up something special for Easter dinner. All I have in the freezer is chicken and ground beef. Lamb or ham, decisions, decisions. Ham was about less than half the price of the rack of Lamb, so that made the decision for me. I know I've said pork is something I can't eat since surgery, that it doesn't agree with me, but as they say "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again..." and Mike really loves ham on the holidays.

On Sunday, we did more household organizing and chores, I also did a little gardening. Then it was time to make dinner, early, so Mike could hit the road back to training. Only one more week- he's all finished next Tuesday. This is the last time he has to leave me on Sunday night. Thank God!

Holidays are rough for me, I LOVE cooking holiday meals. I love cooking Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, you name the holiday, I want to cook the meal. Since this year it was just Mike and I, I had to plan the meal accordingly. Especially, since I'm the only one here on weekdays, I had to make sure to make just enough so there wasn't mountains of leftovers and waste. I hate wasting food. HATE it and wasting food makes me feel guilty. It's a waste of resources, money, bad for the environment, and there's some starving kids out there that need it. Anyhow, I cut the ham up into three sections, so that we didn't have hella leftovers from one meal and that way I could have two other hams for other occasions or meals. I made a ham, peas/carrots, and a baked sweet potato. It was a good meal, and the baked sweet potato was ALMOST as good as my sweet potato casserole. It was still a LOT of ham for the two of us, but it'll last me a few days. I'll come up with something brilliant for the leftover ham.

Anyhow, Happy Easter friends!

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