Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food- Old Siam

The other night Hubby and I decided to go out to dinner, because I was craving Gyros. Um, yum-O.

I hit up the "Urban Spoon" on my iPhone and one restaurant showed up as Mediterranean, and when we went that way- They. Were. Closed. On. Mondays. Ugh.

So then I was like, hmmmmm what should we eat. Then I remembered this post, which was linked on Urban Spoon. Oh, how linked the world is these days!

I say to Hubby, "How about Thai food... I've never had it". 
Hubby says, "Really? I had it before." 
Me thinking, "just because you've had it doesn't mean I have, even though we've spent nearly 1/3 of our lives together" and then I say (out loud), "Let's go downtown and so I can try some Thai"

So we headed over to Old Siam. (Ate there 4/26/10) Of course I checked out their Urban Spoon profile and checked online (twice) to make sure they were, indeed, open on Mondays.

We got there and it was quiet, I asked for a "warm, not drafty" spot to sit, to which they sat us by the fireplace, though not lit (loving that dark stain on the mantle). This place is so cute, quaint and lovely. Enjoy the eye candy.

Dressed up hall to the bathrooms

Cute, varied seating options (benches, booths, chairs and any combo of the like)

Loving the stained glass

Behind the stained glass: an awesome, romantic, "I'm a VIP" nook!

I wanted to re-arrange those pillows so the paisley was in the middle of the striped ones, but I didn't want them to think I was more weird than I am.

There was a stack of these sitting here, no idea what they had been used for in the past. But the beading is GORGEOUS. This picture does not do it justice. 

This pic was actually of the little step up, but I also like how you can see right into the kitchen

Now onto the FOOD

I took a picture of the menu because of the name of D5. Yeah, I'm 12. 

Since having gastric bypass surgery, portion sizes and how things are prepared are more important than ever. Certain things just don't agree with my pouch (my new stomach). I'm at the point in my weight loss journey that I'm allowed certain carbohydrates, but I've never been the person who is told "under no uncertain terms, you can never, ever, have this thing again". I know my trigger foods, still continue to fight that fight, but that's a whole other blog post all together. Anyhow, I've gotten more adventurous in my eating, willing to try things I wouldn't have had before. But I digress. 
Certain things just don't work for me. Rice is one of them. I prefer to deal with the discomfort of eating rice in the privacy of my own home, so stir fry dishes were out for me. The wait staff was great at explaining the different tastes, hot/spicy stuff (tread lightly with spices still). I probably asked about 3 questions before deciding on appetizers, another 5 or 6 before deciding on an entrĂ©e. 

We ordered Chicken Satay for an appetizer. It was really yummy. I didn't so much dig the peanut sauce (lower dish, left), but the Tamarind/sweet&sour sauce (upper dish, right, with pineapples) was "lick your fingers" GOOD.  

My main course (and that of at least 2 more meals). 
I ordered the Pad Thai (with chicken). 
Description from menu: Thailand’s most popular noodle dish; stir fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, scallions,  carrots, onions, crushed peanuts, egg, and choice of meat. 
My good friend has always said Pad Thai is her favorite thing, so I figured why not. 

Hubby ordered Pad Woon Seen. Description from menu: Stir fried glass noodles with eggs, scallions, carrots, and (lots of) bean sprouts with choice of meat in a brown stir fry sauce (dark soy and some other stuff).

The food was good. I liked the taste and texture (different noodle type) of Hubby's a little more than mine. But the Pad Thai was good, a little creamy in the sauce. Good enough I took the leftovers home for a Pad Thai part two (meal another day that was reheated on the stove with some more chicken, cabbage and soy sauce). 

And a little more eye candy: 

I love those old chippy little (big) cabinets that every retailer/shop owner/restaurant seems to have for displays. I want one. If you have one, I want to buy it. If you know where I can get one (and you know it's actually there), let me know! 

This picture is supposed to show how they used old window shutters to create an entryway 

I noticed these pansies on my way out. I love the little attention to detail.

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