Monday, April 5, 2010


Moving to a new town and region leads to new types of gardening. My previous gardens had been, at best, basic. Now, I'm looking into making my gardening a little more mature, a little more sustainable and a little more productive throughout the growing seasons. I quite enjoy gardening, but really feel that it definitely is better for the environment, better tasting and quality of foods, and in the long run is actually quite a bit more economical and fiscally responsible once you get the hang of it (after the initial investment).
This weekend, I decided I should go pick up some gardening books at the local library. I live about 1.5 miles from the library and actually enjoy libraries, even if I never get to read all the books I check out. The books I was really looking for weren't available, but I found a few that seem good. I'll post reviews as I go through each one.
It would be my dream to have a greenhouse when we finally settle down and purchase some land, but I don't know if I have the time or ability to properly sustain one throughout the year. Here's a really interesting article I found on Scribd

Building on Traditional Gardening to Improve Household Food

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