Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday dear hubby

Dear Hubby,
Here's my birthday card to you, all out in public. Yes, I know I'm two days late, but I'm a perpetual procrastinator. And tonight, after you went to bed, I was thinking how lucky I am to be married to you.

So for your 31st, I'm going to give you 31 more reasons I love you.

1. You are the yang to my yin. You are the calm, collected, silent and strong; while I'm the erratic, crazy, all over the place. You create my balance.
2. You have that funny sweet tooth that hits at the most insane of times.
3. You supported me, despite your fears, through the hardest and most scary year and choice of my life, having WLS.
4. You took care of me for an entire two weeks after my surgery... and you know what THAT entailed. I really wish you never have to do some of that ever again.

5. That you're willing to put our family above yourself.
6. Your love of shows that my siblings love makes you part of the family without even having to try. Even if I hate those shows- like the Family Guy and anything on adult swim- I just don't get 'adult' cartoons. I know when visits come along, I don't get to veto the TV shows because I'm totally the minority.
7. You get excited when I'm excited about stupid silly things, like getting a strawberry from the garden.

8. You eat everything I cook, even when I know it sucks. But at least you give me my 1-10 rating when I ask.
9. Even though you SAY you're not a cat person, I still can catch you snuggling with the cats. :)

10. You're willing to come to church with me on a holiday, even when you're not a church-going guy, not Catholic, and don't get why I still yearn to continue being Catholic.
11. We can be complete dorks together.

12. You enjoyed the fact that I cooked you a birthday dinner, and even said it was better than going out- even with my mother and sister in tow :)
13. The way you inspire me to be a better person.

14. You look so hot when you're dressed up in a suit. And your uniform. And those jeans- you know which ones.
15. You love to cuddle and snuggle.
16. When I am down, you find a way to pick me up, even when I spend days in bed, crying, not showering and in complete depression.
17. You totally rock the bald head. I dig it and that's all that matters.

18. My hand fits perfectly in yours and in your arms is where I feel the safest.
19. I don't have to explain when I have irrational fears and do stupid things that make little sense to anyone else.
20. You support me even when I am scared and thought I couldn't make it. You never gave up, even when I felt like I couldn't go on.
21. You're not intimidated by my drive to succeed and be able to give us a good life. In fact, you want me to succeed. You understand what drives me. Now, I've finished my degree and you're the #1 reason I was able to do that. (now if I could just start working...)

22. You try to be a handyman, and are willing to give any silly project a try... even if it means installing a ceiling fan for my mother.
23. The way I turn you on, without me doing anything (even with my weird post-op body).
24. You're so hilarious with my nephews. Even when they head-butt you and accidentally nose-butt you instead.

25. We finish each other's sentences, and even think of the same movie quotes while in conversation with other people.
26. You let me do my crazy projects like this one and this one and this one, and the lists of ones that half of I never got to...
27. You love to take showers together.
28. You call my sister to ask her opinion about things that would freak me out before freaking me out.

29. You've forgiven me when I have screwed up, without throwing it back in my face. You have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.
30. How you would drive hours just to visit me for 36 hours while you were training for your job.
31. You let me write all my silly to-do lists, even if I never do half of what's on them. And pretend that you'll do what's on yours. :)

I wouldn't be who I am today without you. I couldn't imagine my life any differently.

Happy Birthday Hubby!

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