Monday, April 12, 2010

Junking and antiquing with mom- Part 1

I love going junking and antiquing. Many of my little passions like gardening, junking, crafting come from my mom. She's in town visiting, so we did so many of the things both love to do this week. I wanted to take her by one of my little gems I've recently found, Gina's Junk Thrift & Antique Shop here in Columbus, GA. She's got some really great items, and she's always got a great rotating inventory with amazing prices.
I love finding great pieces of things that are shabby, have great bones, sturdy, sometimes that great little chippy paintedness on them. I especially love finding great items super cheap or even free. I find that people throw away perfectly good pieces of furniture because they have scratches, are replaced for newer items or even because they're moving and wanna get rid of them.

Here's a few pieces that I adore:

Not that we're working on having a baby yet, but sanded up and given a great polyurethane coat (so my kid wouldn't eat some paint chips or anything), it would be SO cute in a nursery, maybe with a coat of pink and roughed up a little more...

This piece, I am in LOVE with. I absolutely adore its' primitive design, solid wood, and all old and chippy paint. A little sanding, a little touch ups (but keeping it's chippy charm) and a lovely coat of polyurethane to seal it all in so my cats don't have a field day chipping off the left over paint.
It would be perfect to fit next to my refrigerator, perfect to store my bakeware and large serving pieces/platters that don't fit into my old cupboards that are original to this late 1920's home. Alas, unless it's sitting there after I start working, then it is not meant to be mine... I wonder if I could build this...

And just a couple more pics from Gina's blog:

I would totally take this chair, sand up the legs, bring them to their original white sheen, and paint the seat a lovely watermelon. :)

I would use this for hanging something, like hanging my upside-down tomato plant from my porch.

I think this is a little old fashioned butler's cart, maybe a plant stand. Who knows? But it has total potential!


  1. You have a lot of good ideas and the ability to envision something new and exciting in these pieces. I love thrift stores but never paid much attention to the furniture they sell.

  2. You are so good at seeing the potential in each of these pieces! The only one I'd even be able to relate to would be the chair, which looks like one of a set my grandparents had in their garden when I was a kid - I'd get it just for sentimental reasons!

  3. Nice ideas. I like the last one. You can totally turn it into a plant pot!. pretty classy that would be.

  4. my mother got me into antiques, i like the queen anne and she like the modern antiques like dunbar, which i have a lot of left. cant believe how much dunbar cost, dining room table, mother and i would go to flea markets, tag sales, it was fun, dont do much anymore b/c dont have anyone to go w/. i miss those days and time w/ her. i still have a chest she go out of the dumpster over 40 yrs ago....not pretty but works great. one day i might refinish is very time consuming

  5. I got goosebumps when I read this. I, too, love junking and discovering hidden treasures. So fun!

  6. I love hunting for antiques and good bargains. Over the years we have come across some very nice things.


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