Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little rant.

{Begin rant}
Coworkers... haha. I referred to my would-be coworkers in a previous post. 
I have a job, have had a tentative start date that has been continuously moved back on a bi-weekly schedule since March 22nd, being that I will be working for a large hospital, they only do orientation bi-weekly. 
I have a job, but, I cannot work. This is because the GA license board has yet to issue my license. They're willing to fast-track a temp license for new-grads without NBCOT certification, but applications processed (and expedited/overnighting with delivery confirmation do not matter when it comes to processing times) after the applicant's testing date get put on the back burner and have to wait up to 8 weeks (that would be around 35 or so business days). But they can't tell you ANYTHING on the phone. At all, except that they have UP TO 10 business days (and take every second of that) to process your application and payment, and then an additional 25 days following processing of the payment. And yet, they process the payment (which comes with the application paperwork, mind you), without even glancing at or PROCESSING THE ACTUAL APPLICATION. But these dates and this information isn't really clear on the website or application (even if the lady that answers the phone insists it states so plainly and boldly on the application, um, no??)- 
I especially love the part about not being issued a temporary license so I can work can only done if my application was processed BEFORE the testing date (again, the date they receive it matters nothing here, they have 10 days to sit on it). I wish that information was actually out there, I would have put in my application in February, as soon as I moved here and got settled. At least I would have gotten a temporary license while they wipe their butts with my application process my paperwork completely, and thus would be working by now. No matter that they REVOKE the temporary license if you don't pass the test (talk about an embarassing conversation with your new boss... Imagine this: "So, um, I know you just hired me, and I'm a new grad... I found out that I failed my board exam and thus, according to GA rules, I lose my temp license, so I need the next 45 days off because I can't retake my test until then, and then have to wait ANOTHER 35 business days to get a real license." 
There's just too many holes here that make no sense to someone as dumb as me. 
Yeah. So, I'm gardening and reading books and blogs and blogging and doing projects.  I have too much free time on my hands. And I'm not cut out to be a housewife. I'm ready to work and have been for over 6 weeks now. Please magical paperwork fairies, grant my license so I can begin my job (life)? Thankyouverymuch. That is all. 

{end rant}

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