Thursday, April 1, 2010

Month two after WLS

At about 6 weeks post-op, I started vomiting a lot. I couldn't take pills without vomiting those up, dense proteins were tough. I called my surgeon and he scheduled me for an emergency endoscopy.

Scheduling outpatient procedures suck. There's never times that you need them. I just needed something later in the day so I could get a half day of internship in. So I got in about 3 hours of work and then left for my scope.
I got there and sat there for like 3 hours waiting. I was so pissed off. They failed to run a pregnancy test- which there was no possibility of pregnancy, but it's standard when people go under general anesthesia. So, I had to sign some waiver so I didn't have to wait another 2 hours for a pregnancy test. This time, I actually remembered being rolled back for my procedure, which is done in the operation room.

They put my lovely anesthesia and asleep I went.

They did my scope and my surgeon said there was a minimal stricture at my stoma, as well as severe inflammation of my esophagus. The stoma is basically the connection of my new stomach pouch to my intestines. They dilate the stoma with a balloon and it fixes the problem. The inflammation is likely from really hot fluids or cheating and having a few sips of caramel colored pop, or pre-ulcers from stomach acids. So I was put back on Pepcid, and took Carafate for a month.

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