Tuesday, April 27, 2010

more of the garden

These pictures were taken over two days. 

Hubby and I were loading up the beds with a combination of soils from the local landscaper, the bags of Miracle Gro, manure, compost, etc. I didn't use "Mel's Mix", because, well I already had a few bags of dirt and am not letting that $$$ go to waste! 

I wasn't going to square out my garden as Mel Bartholomew, the square foot gardener, suggests,  but then I figured if I'm going to sort of follow the rules, I would do it my way. I don't like the typical wood slats recommended and used, so I used some all-natural twine to lay it out. Measure the length (about 52"), cut 6 per box, then staple with staple gun in place (staple twine down, then fold over staple #1 and staple both parts together). 

Here's my grid, yawn. 
As you can tell, I'm just not a fan of super geometric-ness in my garden. 

My poor corn all root bound and funky from sitting on my porch for the past two weeks (and some longer)... I know they are all good and hardened, but I didn't thin, so I'll have to split the babes up a bit. I just hope they make it! 

Me, not so glamourously dressed, but feeling totally accomplished! 

I am quite excited that at some point in this home's history, someone cared for roses. There's other flowers around, but I deem roses to be something of a difficult flower, so it is on a pedestal in my book. I would love to have a beautiful English rose garden. And Peonies. I *heart* peonies. 

Because I feel wasteful even trimming back my tomato plants, here's my cuttings of my six (yes, six) different tomato varieties. At least I'm not planting this many... :) I'm just not a tomato gal, but I refuse to have a garden and not have at least one or two tomatoes growing.
I will most likely freecycle them or give them to my (future) co-workers... 

Yeah, too much free time. 


  1. I like to see what others are doing with their gardening. We are not good with plants, but fortunately have had great success with basil. I try to put it in everything!

  2. My mother had a huge vegetable garden every year to grow food for us to eat when I was a child.

  3. We had a vegetable garden a couple years ago. I used Jerry Baker homemade plant food and my tomato plant was 6ft. high. I love a good home grown tomato.

  4. I like the raised garden bed. It takes some work initially, but,it's easier to maintain.


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