Sunday, May 2, 2010

The new digs in GA

Okay dear friends. By popular demand.
I've finally gotten a FEW pictures to share of my "new" house.

The new place is quite cute. It's an older house, built in the late 1920's or early 1930's.

I love this porch. Perfect place to work on potting my plants in the shade (and away from EVIL pollen)

My little sitting nook. Mom insisted I put chairs out for her so she could sit comfortably while she ruins her lungs worse than the emphysema already has smokes and enjoys the great outdoors. 

This guy is chilling on my front step. I haven't decided if he's going back near the garden or not. 

Here's a shot of part of the backyard (the part not really covered by garden or puppy piles of love. 

Lola has already gotten herself stuck up in the tree. Yes, really. 

And Luke on the top of the garage/shed thing. 
Some of my gardening pots and random things that should be making their way into the shed/garage (but that's another story). The cool thing is that we can open the gate up (it's a double swing one), so we can actually pull a vehicle into the backyard for oil changes or unloading things. 

Most of the rooms are in complete disarray, which is typical, and I've got two rooms of mostly boxes. 
So my dears, please excuse the mess, but it's all natural. I'm still organizing and trying to figure out where to put things (this house has no storage- you'll see below). 

Inside photos: 
Living room fireplace- I hate that board, but I can't figure how to work the flue and that's what they put there to close it up. I really hate the pineapple (that's the blue blob). The galvanized bucket is for firewood and the Razor scooter is Hubby's (it was left at our LAST house and the nephews enjoy it). 

Above most of the doorways (front door, bedrooms- not bath), there's these really cute windows. Authentic to the era of when it was built. 

One half of the dining room... (see all kitties and one puppy in this one!)

The floors are all wooden and slope in some of the rooms. And, yes, I believe that everything is painted in toxic, crappy, latex paint that peels ALL OVER THE PLACE. BLEH.  

 I love the glass knobs on all the doors. It even has a little old fashioned telephone nook (we're trying to figure out how to make this one a little more cute).

Bathroom. It's a crying shame. I have to bleach every single surface of it, all the time. Ugh.

Fireplace in master bedroom (I would absolutely love to paint that hideous yellow a lovely muted cloudy grey). 
Linen closet- located in the master bedroom, and FYI THIS is the closet in the master. 

The disastrous, dreaded kitchen. See the boxes? 

And more boxes??

And even more boxes. They were all labeled according to importance (packed according to importance of use). If I haven't needed it, I haven't unpacked it because there isn't enough cabinet space. Nor, are they even deep enough. I can't fit serving platters in there. Which is why I really wanted that white cabinet from Gina's. It would have fit perfectly next to the fridge (where the freezer is sitting in the above picture), and is deep enough for all my big dishes.
. The laundry room is SO tiny, I didn't even think the washer/dryer would fit in there (it did)! I'm glad I'm not as big as I used to be, or I wouldn't be able to fit between the space. We were going to stack them, but then realized the 220v plug and hole for hose were on that left side. Ugh. If I wasn't worried about a can of worms opening about all the old electricity in this house, I would totally have paid someone to move that. Making a new hole in the floor for a dryer vent would be easy-peasy. Nonetheless, it's like this for now until we decide exactly how long we're going to live here. 

Okay. You wanna' see those box rooms? I know you do (especially my homeopathic faery). 
Here's 2/3 of them. 
Here's the spare bedroom.

(this is the other half of my huge dining room)- that chair with the green cover and the desk (with the cat on it) are for a very specific project I have coming up. :) 

So that's it. My lovely little depression-era house. 

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