Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking my board exam

So last week, I took my OT board exam. I was so freaked out about it and planned on rescheduling at the last minute, until I found out that it would cost $175. I felt like I barely studied, which is honest. I barely studied. At all. I've been in school for three years. Three years. The last time I was in a classroom was over a year ago. An entire year.

So at 3am, the night before the test I called my husband and asked him what to do. He said to do whatever I needed to do, but if I took it, he would be proud either way.
So at almost 5am, I turned in for the night with the plan to wake up at 9am. I woke up about 8:30am and go up, got dressed and started reviewing the little list of things I wrote down when doing a few practice tests.

At 11:30, I left my house to go take the test. I showed up with the complete intention of failing that test. Over 4 hours, I took 3 breaks. I never take breaks during tests, I usually zip right through, answer what I know, go back and guess on the others. I went through the test, answered what I could, marked what I didn't know and moved on. I took a 5 minute break at question 70, about 1:15 into the test, then another, longer break when I got to the end of the test at question 135. Then I finished the test and took one last test 15 minute break and ate a little snack. Then I went through the questions I marked to review, and then went through the entire test to review everything.
Then about 3:40 after I arrived, I was finally finished. UGH. I was exhausted, my eyes were tired and the testing desk was so uncomfortable- they really need some OTs to redesign their testing areas so they are more ergonomic.

Sunday night after my sister and husband left from the weekend, I had my typical insomnia and wanted to check to see what the NBCOT site said while applicants were waiting on their scores. I logged on and it says "PASSED"!!! WHAT?!?! I so could not believe that. They weren't supposed to be scoring it for three more days.

So, it's official, I'm an OTR/L now.

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