Friday, May 14, 2010

Driving in the country

I took these pictures on a random trip through Georgia. 

I was headed to pick up my truck from the shop (last week), but once again, unforeseen circumstances prevented me from doing so. So I decided to sightsee in two of the little towns on the way back. And, of course, I can't not stop and take pictures of cows, donkeys and horses... :) 

I promise more posts (and better ones) in the next few days. I finally got my professional license and am starting work Monday, so I'm taking these last few days of freedom to relax, de-stress and try not to freak out too much about starting my career (and thus officially being all grown up). 

Who knew cows and chickens got along?

This one is a momma cow snuggling with her calf. 

This barn is for sale. I would buy it just for the wood to put in the house we're planning on building :)


  1. Those are not chicken but Cattle Egrets :-) They are good friends.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the one of the cow with the calf.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love the one of the cow with her calf.

  4. What gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. The flowers are pretty. I always enjoy a drive in the country until I start smelling the animals. That ruins it every time.

  6. this looks beautiful! i too love driving in the country, so peaceful and relaxing, thanks for sharing!!!


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