Saturday, May 1, 2010

Food- Johnny's Hot Dogs with a new name of Major Hot Dogs & Sandwiches

I took one picture. The storefront. That was all. We went here for lunch on Saturday afternoon (5/2/10), about 1:30pm.

This place is a typical hole in the wall local joint and was expecting something decent based on previous reviews and percentages.
These were by far, not nearly anywhere near decent hot dogs. Cheap buns, gross hot dogs. I swear these hot dogs must've been the 30-pack of the cheapest ones (with pork and chicken, definitely NOT beef hot dogs) on sale at Publix- I saw the receipts strewn on one of the tables in "organized piles". There was only three tables, and two had crap strewn on them. I wasn't expecting much because it's small, but at least keep the paperwork and receipts in the back, right?? They were busy when I got there, the counter lady answered her cell phone twice in the three minutes that I stood there. There was no place to sit because the junk on the tables and we ended up eating them in the car. By and far, not good hot dogs. I was so unimpressed because these dogs looked gross I ate two bites and threw the rest away. Period.

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