Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Food- La Margarita

Yes, we've been eating out a lot this past week. I haven't felt like cooking because I've. been. stressed. out. 

We came here to La Margarita because my trusty old Urban Spoon told me that they served Mediterranean cuisine. I was CRAVING a gyro.

 We tried Monday, but they were closed (so we went somewhere else). 
Um. Yeah. When we sat down, we got tortilla chips and salsa. The salsa is good. :) But that's not what I was going there for. Maybe the being closed on Monday and the name should have tipped me off that I should have come when craving something a little different. 

House margaritas on sale Wednesdays ($3??), instead of my typical top shelf ($9), I decided to be frugal here. This place considers Jose Cuervo to be a mid-grade tequila. It wasn't horrible, but with the addition of at least juice of 1/2 lime, it was palatable. 

We ordered Greek Salads. But as soon as I got it, I knew it was not going to work on this evil pouch. EVIL pouch. Sometimes vinegary stuff just does me wrong and this was straight balsamic vinegar (I tried a bite of Mike's).

So, I annoyingly kindly informed the waitress that this wasn't what I had expected and the vinegar would upset my stomach, so I asked to swap for a Caesar salad instead. 
(Yes RNY'ers and food po-pos, I could have passed on the salad, but it came with my meal). 

We both got Gyros. I hate when we both order the same thing at a new restaurant, because then I can't try two things :) And since I only eat about 1/4-1/3 of a normal person's meal, well. You get the point. 

Easy-peasy to pick up and grab for eating. (Which is a MUST with a gyro).

Here's the official review: The gyro meat was good- tender and juicy. The pita seemed a little stale to me, but Hubby said his tasted good. The tzatziki was a decent texture, but needed a little more cuke or garlic or dill or something to it. Who knows!? I just hate when I taste something and it seems like there's something missing. It wasn't bad, I used what they gave me for my take home on my meal. Anyhow, overall it was a decent meal, but don't go here if you're looking to go Greek. After all, they serve chips & salsa when you sit down and have $3 margaritas on Wednesdays. :) Server was super attentive and patient with my questions and even swapped out my salad (which some places just don't do). I'll try it again, but next time, I'll be sure to stick to the Mexican food and see how that goes.

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