Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food- Osaka Japanese & Sushi

We went out to dinner Friday night (4/30/10) for "date night"... Yep, another food review. I've got a bit of catching up to do, but this is the last restaurant post for a few days. I'll be posting restaurant reviews 1-2 times per week because Hubby and I eat about that often and I've decided that I want to try local restaurants as much as possible, keeping away from chains that can be had anywhere in the country. 

We decided to keep the ethnic theme going for the week. I saw sushi on TV and decided I needed to have some. And then I saw this post by Shelly aka eggface. I haven't had sushi since my RNY, so I figured, "no time like the present". And that was that. 

We went to Osaka Japanese & Sushi in North Columbus, the Landings shopping center.

It's a small place, they were quite busy (typical for Friday night though, eh?!), so we chose to sit at the only open table (a 6 topper), instead of the bar. Thinking back, I think we should have chosen the bar because I felt kind of guilty when a large party of 4 or 5 came about 15 minutes after us and they had to rearrange a couple tables to sit them. 

Cute little lantern with "Bento" on it... I see a theme here... While reading the menu, they had options of meals with a sushi roll and a type of dish in a Bento box. (and yes, I'm wishing for one of these boxes or containers for my birthday...)

They had these little fake roses on the tables for decoration and a cool chart on the wall with types of sushi/sashimi and if they are raw or cooked/prepared.

My miso soup. 

There's a little seafood and tofu shot. 

Um, duh.

Our platter. We ordered the following: 
Top row left: Crunchy Shrimp w/ avocado and crunch; Top row right: Alaska roll with raw salmon; 
center row mammoth: Spicy Spider Roll with tempura fried soft shell crab, avocado and cukes
Bottom: both rolls are the good ole' standby, California roll with avocado, cukes and real crab.

My soy (dark) with ginger and wasabi mixed in it.

This monster- aka Spicy Spider Roll (fried soft shell crab) was full of yummy avocado and crunchy-goodness.

I love the ends of the rolls. They are so cute and fun.

And this was what we had left. About a little more than a roll. Perfect for lunch for hubby.

Yummy cold treat for dessert. Cold oranges are the bees-knees.

We will go here again the official review: Service was good, servers were really patient with all my questions (I really ask too many questions when ordering food). Impressed with the Alaska roll (I had one bite, Hubby ate the other 5), Crunchy Shrimp roll was really a two biter because I just can't swallow that much in one bite anymore. Next time we'll try their little hand rolls- looks like the insides are rolled into a small seafood cone (with light rice, I need to do less rice). 

The rice sat alright in my pouch, didn't expand much or get stuck- thank God, as you all know I prefer rice items in the privacy of my own home But then again, I broke one of the WLS rules cheated and had about three sips of water with my meal. Why is no drinking a rule? Read here and here
That was probably one of the reasons my pouch did not revolt against the evil rice. 

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  1. i always eat my ginger like that! dunk in the wasabi soy mix!


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