Monday, May 10, 2010

Limpy puppy and administering a dog a shot

I take my dog to the chiropractor.

Well, I used to. I have video and pictures of the last adjustment we had done to show the immediate difference and intended on blogging about it, but haven't really got around to it, yet.

I believe if it works for people, then we've got a chance of making it work for an animal- physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, it's all the same to me. Let's give it a whirl is my opinion. It worked for his condition for the past couple years. It's a chronic condition, so the longer we can treat him biomedically, without strong pain pills, the better.

Why would you want to drug up this cute ginormous little baby? 

And, please save me the "well it's just a dog" lecture, or the "just put him out of his misery" (we don't really do this to humans, yet) or the "you're not being fair to him". Um, we will address THAT when the time comes. He's a puppy still. All of 4.5ish years old. And, I have no children, yet. This is my child, so suck it. Thank you.

Anyhow, there's no dog chiropractor here in Columbus. There used to be two. One retired and the other moved away. So we're back to limpy puppy. {insert sad momma here}

Last time we were in St Augustine (back in mid-April), we took Cody to the vet for a follow up on his blood work (a follow-up draw), to check his levels following going on Soloxine for his low thyroid levels (T3 for those of you medically minded people). While we were there, we discussed his recent limping and lack of chiropractor nearby. I'm contemplating making the trip to Atlanta once per month to take him to someone, but I need to start working first. We decided that oral glucosamine wasn't likely the best for him (it doesn't really absorb properly when in pill form), so shots it is. Plus, requiring a shot every 3-5 days is better for our schedules because we aren't very good with the follow through on the glucosamine pills, but him being on thyroid medication, we can do 2x per day, for the most part, without fail. Taking the dog to the vet here in Columbus would entail a vet visit fee + shot charge (which is like 30 some odd bucks), so the vet provided us with month's worth of dosages and syringes to do try it to see he responds well. One thing I love about our vet in St Augustine is that she wants to provide the most holistic, best care for an animal, while being the most cost conscious as possible. She agrees with medication as a last resort, she was the one that suggested the chiropractor in the beginning.

Of course I researched it. I found this great review and information.

We're such bad puppy parents that we haven't started the shots yet, despite my every-other-night blanket statement "we need to start his shots soon". I decided tonight was the night. 

Supplies: alcohol to wipe the container and puppy's skin. 


Here it is, all filled up. 

This shot requires to be given in the muscle, not like in the scruff of the neck (like vaccinations), so I have to give it in his lower-back muscles. {insert worried momma here} I'm not concerned about him nipping or biting  because he's a stoic doggy. 
I just have to get him to the floor in the dining room, because I'm not doing this on the sofa b/c he pees when he gets nervous. 
He doesn't bite when people manhandle him- it's an ongoing joke with my St Auggie vet. 

See that look of concentration on my face?  
I'm palpating to find his pelvis, L1 and space 2" to the musculature. 
My vet showed me, but I found this online. 

See my face? Yeah, I was surprised how tough the skin was to poke that needle into. 
(and I didn't want to hit any nerves, hello lumbar plexus)

Beginning the injection.

All of 15 seconds later, all done. 
The paper towel is to cover his little pecker

 We'll follow the shot protocol (already scheduled to alert me in my iPhone for follow through) and we'll let you know how it helps him. Hopefully, it does.

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  1. i understand how you feel about youre four legged family i have a husky myself and animals have such short lives my pup im blessed is healthy in her third year enjoy the time you have together.


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