Tuesday, June 22, 2010

birthdays... my birthday.

Today is my birthday...

Nothing very special going on, I worked today and decided that I didn't want to go out for dinner. 
So we bought some crab legs and enjoyed those for supper instead.
Honestly, I just didn't feel like getting dressed up to go to the restaurant I've been wanting to try, so we'll just go over the weekend and try it then. 

And as promised, I am posting. So, posting more.
Not necessarily of substance, but posts nonetheless. 
Random things I love or see... After all, this is the ramblings and all. :)
I saw this picture on Kind over matter and wanted to share because it's so peaceful and gorgeous. 
It's just how I want to feel overall. This picture makes me feel peaceful.

Butterflies POV, originally uploaded by Reiffhaus.


  1. I just adore this photo, brilliantly done. Since our garden is just dirt, as the builder still has to level it remove the chunks of concrete etc, I'm missing flowers. Still you can't see them in a snowstorm anyway right!

  2. Happy birthday! Thanks for letting us know your favorite photo!

  3. that flower image is gorgeous! i would sooooooo blow this up and put it in my bathroom! its so bright and pretty!

  4. I love the photo and does make me feel peaceful. It sounds like a nice birthday. Happy belated birthday...

  5. Hope you had a happy birthday. When I was younger I looked forward to mine. Not so much anymore.


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