Monday, June 28, 2010

Food- Giovanna's, formerly Imbis

So another Urbanspoon adventure. I was on the hunt for another gyro so we hit up the old, trusty Urbanspoon.

We found this place called Imbis but according to a couple of other sites, it was closed. But since we would be up by Lowes, we figured we'd check and see if it was still there. Well the restaurant was still there, but now it's under new management and had a name change. They still serve all the same stuff that Imbis used to serve, but added pizza to the menu (according to the new owners).

We've been there a couple times since the first trip there- the first time, Hubby got a Polish Sausage/Kielbasa dog with peppers and onions and I got a gyro.

Look at this pepper/onion action. Yes, amazing. I know. 

The gyros are absolutely perfect, nothing really bad to say about them really. They have amazing hummus, too. Nonetheless, we'll be going again, and again, and again. :) 

Giovanna's on Urbanspoon


  1. Those gyros look great! Thanks for sharing a restaurant!

  2. Skip the sausage. Your gyro looks delicious! I'm craving one right now! Where is this place? I would love to go there.


Thanks a bunch for your comment love!