Sunday, June 27, 2010

Food- The Market Restaurant

Friday night Hubby and I decided to go out to dinner and headed towards downtown. I felt like Thai, but then we decided to try The Market. We were a little underdressed, but I honestly didn't care that much.

I didn't take any pictures, honestly I was too hungry and tired to think about it.

Official review: Nice restaurant, good atmosphere. Overall it was a pretty disappointing meal. We tried two of the specials, I had the Organic Australian Ribeye with potatoes and green beans and Hubby had the Panzanella Style Grouper in some chowder stuff. We didn't have appetizers, I didn't even look at that part of the menu! When we got our food, I was overpowered by the smell of jarred garlic (you know the gross stuff chopped up in the oil in the grocery store, yeah that stuff). My potatoes and greenbeans had been SMOTHERED in that garlic and seemed like they were drenched in oil. I asked if they would switch the potatoes for rice pilaf but NOPE, they didn't do the swap for me. I understand that when it's a special, but it irritated me because I really did not want potatoes. The steak was overcooked and had SO much gristle and tendons, I was not a very happy camper- I could barely cut it. Mike said that it was so chewy, he could barely swallow. I had at least 3-4 bites I had to spit out (like a lady into my napkin). Mike's grouper was good- the chowder was tasty and the fish was good too. Unfortunately, he found 4 ribs in the fish. When we told the server, she told some guy that I assume was the manager and he totally brushed it off and didn't even come to apologize for it- I saw this entire exchange as he was hovering by the kitchen window. So, for that, the service gets a poor rating from me (although the couple next to us that ordered a bottle of wine got personal service from that guy). Anyhow, I'm not really a big fish person, so for me to enjoy a bite of fish means it had to have been quite decent. Mike said the fish and chowder wasn't very filling but after a few bites of my olive oil/garlic drenched potatoes and steak helped to fill him up. He did enjoy the fish though. So, I guess there's a plus in that column.
The drinks were good and the menu had a decent variety for a local joint, so although this trip was quite disappointing, I'm going to give the restaurant one more try before I totally write it off. I expected a lot more from one of the nicer places Columbus has to offer, but I'm hoping it was just one bad night.
Next time we visit, I promise to provide pictures.

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  1. I would like to personally apologize for your visit. I was not there the night you dined with us, but as a server at this restaurant would like to invite you back with an appetizer on me. Please just ask for Chris at the door. I like to take pride in the places in which I work and find the food exceptional. Please allow me to take care of you the next time you visit, and recommend items in which I believe you would truly enjoy. Like I said, the appetizer will be on me. I would really just like to show you what the market can offer.

  2. That's bad when the best you can say is that the drinks were good. When you pay good money to dine out, really expect a bit more.


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