Monday, June 14, 2010


Wow. I just realized it's been four weeks since I last blogged. What's going on with me? Well, I'm not dead. Though I did end up in the ER (more about that in another post).

Well... work started. And I've been exhausted. Exhausted isn't even the possible word. Seriously.

Here's a pic of me on my first day of patient care 
yes, I'm aware how dorky I look

Working has been just that, but it's been interesting and eye opening about how things go on in an acute hospital setting. There's some great people that care about the work they do and the people we care for, and then, there's not... Those people make me wanna vomit.

I'm learning a LOT. Learning how to be genuine, caring and perform my job within a very short period of time. I don't get 30 minutes or an hour for each, there's some I only get 10-15 minutes with, and some I end up staying with for an hour. Just depends on their needs, their family's needs and how much education/training/help they need. It's hard because my previous experiences have allowed me plenty of time to get to know my patients and their families, but this setting does not allow me to do so that often. There's some people who are in the hospital for a month, so I might get to know them fairly well, but there's many people I see one or two times total for maybe 30 minutes total. That, for me, is weird. But I'm adjusting. And learning how to be informative and helpful without talking too much and keeping my time short.

The reason to keep time short is because we have to be productive. As in, 105% productive and all patient care, all the time. Yes, 105%. Does this make sense? Not to me, but it is what the hospital system expects of the therapy staff. This doesn't even allot for documentation time, which for me, sometimes takes a while. I'm still learning, and sometimes have a hard time coming up with appropriate goals for each patient is really hard to me. There's days I feel like I am not getting enough done, not seeing enough patients, and some days the day seems to fly by and I couldn't even tell you what I did with the patient in Room 311, who they were or anything about them. Yeah, that is weird. But, I also know this is real life. I don't get to be all up close, personal with my patients in this setting and I have to be realistic. Realistic that I need to be as productive as possible, learning or not, because this is my job and that's just a part of it.

But there's days that someone says that something I've said or something I've showed them has helped them in some way. Today, someone told me that my time with them was more helpful than words could express. A few weeks ago, someone told me that my taking 10 minutes to sit and chat with them (while doing therapy stuff of course), really helped to make their hospital stay bearable. That's better than me receiving a note of thanks (which this hospital is big into), because I know when they go home, something will be a little easier. That's why I do what I do. To help people.

Anyhow, my dear readers, I promise to post more. I will be setting up a few posts over the weekend to hit throughout the week so that you have a little ramblings over the week when I'm too tired to post :)

So, what's coming up? A few restaurant reviews, farm stuff, some protein shake and vitamin reviews, garden updates, hmmmmm... more to come. That's for sure! I promise!

Thanks for reading!

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