Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HUGE? I'm tuning in...

I read this article on nytimes.com yesterday and decided I must watch HUGE. So, I set the DVR and will be watching it on Tuesday night (I hate commercials, so that's just what I do).

Nikki Blonsky is awesome and I totally *heart* her.

And this show has a mostly plus size cast. I say mostly, some say entirely, but mostly because I'm betting the camp counselors aren't plus size- I'm betting they're mean and fat-haters/discriminators... I'm all about embracing who we are, as a healthy size- not necessarily skinny or "normal" sized. Just healthy. And the executive producer, Winnie Holzman, says something to that effect: "It's about being an outsider and struggling to make some kind of peace with who you are, to figure out who you were." I read a little more about the show here.

What's pretty cool is that it's a show based on a book (see image over there>>>>>>).

And then this article on zap2it.com gives the following 5 reasons we should watch...

1. No other cast on television looks like this one. With a few rare exceptions, "Huge" is the first show with an entirely plus-size cast. "Most of America is plus-sized," Blonsky tells us. "I really want kids to be able to watch this show and finally be able to say, 'Hey, they look like me, they have the same problems that I do.'"
2. Nikki Blonsky's performance is completely fearless. She's barely recognizable as Will. We're used to actresses with perfect hair and impeccable make-up. In this role, Blonsky is as natural as can be - well, except for the blue streak in her hair. "It was a little weird for me at first, to be in front of the camera with no makeup, my hair all a mess," she says. Still, she didn't have much time to be shy. In the very first scene Blonsky shot, her character performs a daring striptease for the entire camp, establishing her brazen attitude right off the bat. Blonsky says there was no hesitation on her part. 
3. "Huge" doesn't shy away from serious issues. In the first episode, one character battles a serious eating disorder and the consequences shock the rest of the campers. "We're not just dealing with body image," Blonsky tells us. "We're also going to talk about sexual orientation. My character Will wears only boys' clothes, she's kind of tough, and then someone calls her a lesbian."

"It's just something she's never considered before. She never thought people would look at the clothes she wore and make assumptions about her sexuality. She's shocked, and she asks her friend, you know, 'Do you think I'm gay?' It's a really difficult situation for her."

4. Get ready for some great music. In addition to a pretty fantastic soundtrack, Blonsky isn't going to waste that amazing voice that propelled "Hairspray" to the top of the box office. "Will actually does sing," she says. "Don't worry, they've got me singing. Just, uh... not showtunes.

5. What's a summer camp story without romance? Nothing sells us on a show like some good old fashioned unrequited crushing. "It's true," Blonsky sighs. "My love interest is interested in someone else." That someone happens to be Amber, played by Hayley Hasselhoff. Being overweight doesn't keep Amber from being the camp hottie - and the super-cute counselor (Zander Eckhouse) takes note.

But two things I do hope, is that the show's producers really take an honest look at what it really is like to be a fat kid and don't make light of the serious epidemic of obesity in this country. It's important to love who you are, but being healthy too is just as important.

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